3a. Final project planing

The options of this project were all really exciting. I cant help but think of the application of getting people exposed to Guam’s political status options. In just having open conversations with individuals this week on Guam’s political status many people wanted to know the options and benefits of them.

In this project I am proposing to inspire my audience with the photo voice project. I see this being the most beneficial to both the audience and my people of Guam, because of the direct connection it has on influencing and education the people of the island on the different political status options.

I will be focusing more on the “Independence” and “statehood” movement. Due to my affiliation with both parties. As a Social Worker I am not going to side with any particular movement, but allow myself to facilitate the information to better educate the audience as best as I can on the status options; with the help of participants.

I will be presenting this idea to these party groups via group chats on whatsapp utilizing random incentives I have collected over the past couple of months (free food).

Anyone interested in helping me out with a project for my grad school? I have a bunch of gift certificates/vouchers of various values as incentives.

All you have to do is:

-Take a picture of something that inspires you to side with the ____________ movement. 

-write a blurb to communicate your thoughts to the reader

– (3-5) pictures with blurbs will get you a choice of one of the incentives as they are available. 

Your pictures may stay anonymous if requested and published on my blog for school that is open to the public. The course is “decolonizing social work” at UH. 

Deadline is Aug 20

The deadline is pushed to the 20th to gather and publish on one blog. I will not be censoring any of the submissions only to highlight thought process, influences, and/or lack of information.

My goal is to capture the essence of individuals/groups from Guam and their stance on the decolonization movement.


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  1. Hello Raymond!

    I think it’s great you’re taking this opportunity to help others know of the different political statuses that are of debate on Guam regarding decolonization. And offering incentives for participation is a great pull! I think it’s great too that if the participants want to remain anonymous, they have an option of remaining so.

    Until the next blog,
    Aurea 🙂

    Please don’t take this the wrong way as I don’t want it to come off in a way unintended..
    I noticed the date you put for the finalization of your project is Aug. 20th. However, on the syllabus, the date to upload our projects is Aug. 18th. Just wanted to let you know! Don’t want you to get points off! 🙂 But if you really do intend to submit on the 20th..please disregard this msg. lol.


    1. Wow! This is such an exciting project! I love the idea of getting current community feedback on such a hot topic. The incentive idea is also very smart. Your facilitation of the discussion, as a social worker who will be a neutral mediation, will likely be more successful in bringing out the deeper issues, since you will be offering people your open-hearted, non-judgemental listening skills. I think this is going to be such a great and meaningful project.


  2. Photo voice is a great option for you to gather information and report back objectively on the various perspectives. No need to take sides on this if you choose not to. Its great that you are offering incentives to participation as well!


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